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Local & Regional Links... - Tim hooks it up with phat wattage and saves the planet! Curious about having solar power installed? Here's your man. - America's Greatest Whitewater Festival! in Salida, CO (First In Boating The Arkansas). New Belgium Beer, FREE LIVE MUSIC, hot, hot whitewater action. - Take a ride to the ends of the Earth... Or at least the top of it. Best 4x4 fun in Colorado. Jeep Tours Kick Ass. It's that simple. - The world's most tastaculous coffee, roasted at 7,500'. Caffeinate in the Upper Arkansas Valley. - The on-line presence of truly gifted young man creating art for a living. - Driving, hiking, biking, or floating through Salida, CO makes you hungry. And thirsty. And cool. The perfect place to stop and chow down beside the Arkansas River. - Contact Jaime and Annie for carbon-conscious event planning from this beautifully dynamic duo. - The world's greatest children's illustrator! See for yourself! It'll make you smile, even if you're a jerk! - The Online Catalog of Western Archery. Hunt like a man, for Christ's sake.
Fattee's - Hayduke brings original and local designs to the masses. Great stuff, like Nobody for President and Safety 3rd officially liscenced T's and Hoodies! - Full day and multi-day survival classes focusing on wilderness shelter, fire building, water, rescue plus useful links and tips. A must for all hunters and outdoorspersons... - High quality euro-style oval stickers with YOUR CUSTOM TEXT or choose from ready-made designs! Cooler than Europe.
The Mountain Mail Classified Ads - Buy from, sell to, and trade with your neighbor! BattleWagonChronicles - Old Russell T is living in his van and telling you all about it! Good stuff. Chaffee Freecycle - Buy from, sell to, and trade with your neighbor!
The Chaffee County Times Classified Ads - Buy from, sell to, and trade with your neighbor!    
Other Stuff...
Coast to Coast AM - All sorts of craziness to keep you company late at night. If you like crazy... or weird... or flat out bonkers ridiculous, this is your radio show. The Thomas Jefferson Hour - Yeah, so I'm a dork. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't check this out. Learn more about our most freedom-loving and "enlightened" president... Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance - Leading the fight to put an end to government intrusion on your farm, on your ranch, and in your stables. I highly recommend joining.
InfoWars Radio - Is this guy crazy? Unfortunately, no, not completely. Or at least not much crazier than this goofy world we live in... I didn't want to do it, but here it is. Try not to go bonkers. The Campaign for Liberty - To promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity.  
Contact your Colorado Representatives! Give them an ear-full. They obviously need to hear from you. - Click Here Find your Representatives for your state, and relentlessly contact them with your views and opinions. Shouldn't we make them at least pretend to do their jobs? - Click Here  
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